Bob Builder: Binary Build Toolkit

Bob-Builder is an MIT Licensed binary build framework, written in Python for human beings.

It’s effectively a miniaturized version of Homebrew — oriented around composable builds, explicit dependencies, and shipping pre-built binaries for workflows like Heroku buildpacks.

Bob is powered by Python, Boto, Doctopt, Amazon S3, Bash, and good intentions.

$ bob build runtimes/php-5.1.10
Fetching dependencies... found 2:
  - libraries/zlib
  - libraries/libmemcached
=== Fetching PHP v5.1.10 source...
=== Compiling PHP v5.1.10...
=== Cleaning up...
Done building runtimes/php-5.1.10.

Bob takes all the statefullnes and labor out of maintaining a collection of binaries.

And gives you the ability to carefully handcraft the experience.


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